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Amy Sedaris Video Gives Excellent Rabbit Info

As a rabbit person, I’m probably as guilty as anybody about forgetting that not every home is good for a pet rabbit. We tend to go around with the attitude that every household needs a rabbit, and — of course — that is not true.

If you know somebody who is considering adopting a bunny, it’s important they learn the pros and cons of being the parent of a house rabbit. I have just discovered the perfect educational tool that does just that. It’s a video Amy Sedaris made with the House Rabbit Society. It’s very short — less than two minutes long — but it does an excellent job of telling the house rabbit story in a nutshell.

It’s available from YouTube, and I encourage you to share it with others in the rabbit community. It really does cover all of the points that people need to be aware of before they make a big commitment…


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