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Wire squares are available in the UK

Just about from day one of posting details about how to build a rabbit condo using wire squares designed for modular storage cubes, we have been deluged with questions from people in the UK asking where they can buy them. Until now, my only answer was that they could order them online from, but I didn’t know how expensive the shipping costs would be. Well, finally I have heard from someone in the UK who says that the wire squares are available at B&Q stores. Here is the link she sent: Thank you, Dita. B & Q refers to them as “Mesh Cube Storage System” and they come inĀ  packages of 24 and the price is 22.98 in pounds sterling. Considering the exchange rate, that’s about twice what they cost in North America. Which makes me wonder whether it still wouldn’t be a better deal to buy them online through Amazon. As I said, I guess that depends on the cost of shipping. Well, anyway, there you go, UK people. B&Q. There seem to be a lot of them all over England and Scotland, so hopefully this answer will be helpful to a lot of British house rabbit people who have been wondering where to get the materials to build a rabbit condo for their bunnies.


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