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Barney’s Rabbit Condo

Here is a message we got today from Shawn R:

Thanks for the great rabbit condo idea. I really appreciate it. I hope you keep making videos like this. Now Barney has way more space to play around. I would love for you to put my condo picture on your site. My name is Shawn.

barneys condo

Thank you, Shawn for the kind words and for the picture of the condo you made for Barney. It looks great.


Robin’s Bunny Condo

Robin's bunny condoWe recently got email from Robin, thanking us for helping her build a rabbit condo. She sent us a photo of her finished work, along with this nice note:

Thank you for the wonderful idea on building a bunny condo.  Below is what I created from your pictures and instructions!  It was easy and I had lots of fun!  Now all I have to do is bring it inside, add all the comforts of a bunny home and of course the Bunnies!
Take care,
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