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Lara and Harrel’s deluxe, wide rabbit condo

4-wide.jpgLara and Harrel are two very lucky (and spoiled) house rabbits. Their humans, Robert and Rosanna, have gone all out in building the biggest and fanciest rabbit condo I have ever seen.

Rob used the basic rabbit condo plans on my video as his starting point and then designed and built an expanded, luxury condo that is four panels wide (56-inches). The picture on the left is Rob’s first condo for Lara. (You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger photo.)

condofortwo.jpgBut, after they added Harrel to the family, Rob used his computer designing skills to dream up an even bigger, fancier rabbit residence.  You can see more of Rob’s pictures and plans on a 6-page booklet he created, “Conceptual Living for the Modern House Rabbit.” Rob has very kindly given us permission to make copies of his booklet available at no charge. Click here to download the booklet.

If you find this information valuable, please consider helping VRRA by downloading the new ebook, “Little Mutt.” Your $7 donation will be shared by VRRA and AMREF. Click here for more about the “Little Mutt” book.



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[…] Elliot is a real cutie The only thing I wonder about the condo is the flooring might not be suitable to support the weight of an elop, as they can be quite big when full grown. You would need to put wooden dowels to support the floors. If your rabbit end up being a big chewer, then it's most likely he will chew the carpet up, then you would need to remove the carpet so he doesn't eat any of it. It's ok to start with carpet, in fact I prefer to use it when I can, but it won't work for if the rabbit is a chewer. I have a chewer. She's had linoleum tiles on a plywood base. It's slippery but it's the only thing she couldn't chew, or pee on and ruin. I recently found a thick vinyl fabric that she doesn't slip on and is easy to clean. I just had to secure the edge of it so she couldn't chew it. So far it's working well. Also the base floor looks pretty slippery. You don't want slippery flooring with growing rabbits as it can lead to the possibility of splay leg. So you would need to put something on the slippery floor. With an elop getting so big full grown, you may want to consider 2×4 panels instead of 2×3. And I find that ramps don't necessarily work all that well(and these may not support the weight of your rabbit without reinforcement). I prefer to do the levels low enough that the rabbit can just hop up to the level on it's own without a ramp, or you can even make a step for it to hop up on to get to the next level, but that takes up space to. You'll probably find with rabbits, that it's all trial and error. You try something and it doesn't work, so you have to try something else. Unless you have a very cooperative rabbit, you'll probably have to end up making all sorts of changes. Also keep in mind that this rabbit is most likely not litter trained, and if he doesn't take to it readily, he will probably end up peeing on whatever surface you have in your nice condo. Carpet can be a pain if you have to clean pee messes every day. It would be better to have some sort of slip resistant, smooth flooring. Or a lot of people will clip the fleece onto their floors, then you can just unclip the fleece fabric to wash it when it gets peed on or dirty. Here's a condo design that I thought was pretty nice. I would suggest that you look at lots of peoples pictures of their condos to get different ideas of what you like the best. […]

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