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Reese loves his new condo

A while ago I got an email message from Lisa, who used my plans to build a two-level rabbit condo for her dwarf lionhead baby bunny, Reese. Does he like his new home? According to Lisa, “He is in bunny heaven!” She said, “Thanks so much for the great directions and the plan that allowed us to build a “Bunny Dream Home” for less than $100.

Here is a picture of the rabbit condo that Lisa made for Reese…

Reese's new bunny condo

Reese’s new bunny condo

After Lisa sent me the picture, I asked her if she could please send me a photo of Reese to share with the “How to Build a Rabbit Condo” readers, and she was kind enough to do so.

It turns out that Lisa and Todd have four kids, two dogs and three cats along with their bunny, and with a household like that, I suppose life can get a little hectic, so it took her a while to reply, but finally she has sent us a picture of Reese, and he looks like a very handsome dude indeed.

Reese in his new bunny condo

Reese in his new bunny condo

Along with the photo, Lisa also sent us the follow-up news that Reese is doing super and he loves his rabbit condo. She added, “Thanks again for a great plan!”

We are glad to see Reese and the bunny cage that Lisa built using our plans and video as a guide, and we would like to thank Lisa for sharing her pictures with our readers.

On one of the rabbit online forums, I read that someone said the price we have listed for our condo is wrong. Well, although the price list we posted here is correct for the amount we paid several years ago, that does not mean that someone who lives in a different part of the world can’t buy the components for cheaper. As a matter of fact, we sometimes see ads on Craigslist for people who have used NIC cube squares for sale cheap. If you are thinking of building a rabbit condo for your bunny, you may want to check online to see if you can get clean used ones in your area before driving off to the hardware store.



Acupuncture for Rabbits

acupuncture for rabbitsMy wife got a call from our local rabbit rescue president that a bunny living near us had gone into gastrointestinal stasis and her help was needed, so she packed up her supplies and rushed over to assist. She gave the handsome boy Ovol, cisapride, and even subcutaneous fluids. After that, there was little to do but wait.

The next day, we heard he had been taken to a veterinarian for x-rays. They kept him overnight, and the next morning, his bowels still had not moved. Later in the afternoon, we got another phone call and we feared the worst. As it turned out, the news was both good and strange. The good news was that the bunny boy finally had passed a very large fecal mass. The strange news was that it happened immediately after acupuncture needles had been removed from him. Yes, the veterinarian had done an acupuncture treatment on the rabbit!

We do not know any details at this time. We would like to know if it is even possible that this Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment can be used to stimulate the nerves that activate a rabbit’s lower digestive tract, but that certainly is the theory.

We are going to do some research on acupuncture for rabbits to learn more on this fascinating topic. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if it is true that the expert use of tiny needles can be used to “un-stick” the digestive system of a bunny who has gone into G.I. stasis?

If you have any knowledge or experience regarding rabbit acupuncture, please contact us by email with the details, so we may share the information.

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