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Photos of Rob’s Condo

Rob built a very attractive condo for his new Mini Rex rabbit named Lara and sent us pictures, along with details about how he made it using many recycled bits and pieces. We think it is a very nice looking rabbit condo, and would like to share some of Rob’s information on how he built it.

He used wood from an old queen sized futon base that was about to be thrown away. Coincidentally, the queen size wood slats were pretty much the perfect size to fit four of the square metal grids along.

Because Lara is a small rabbit, they made her condo two grids wide by four long and two high. They always have the option of adding another layer if necessary. (They are thinking about finding a companion rabbit to bond with Lara.)

The base is built from a box frame re-enforced in the corners with the right angled metal brackets you can pick up at the Home Depot for pretty cheap. There are two ply bases, one about half the thickness of the plywood that I used, providing a solid base to put the trolley wheels on so it’s easy to move, and the other about a quarter the thickness. These are screwed together with some wood screws, drilled and screwed through to stop the wood splitting.

Then they have a layer of thick gym quality rubber tiles over the top for easy clean and water proofing, soft for rabbit feet, always cool but warm if you put your hand on them for a reasonable time. They are made from recycled car tires apparently. Rob figures they’ll be sturdy enough to resist digging. He is also thinking about using slate tiles for a nice cool surface during the summer months.

The platforms are supported in exactly the same way I did but using the thinner plywood. He used a broken Ikea shoe rack. They retail for about $6, and are untreated and therefore perfect for chewing. He drilled then screwed through the plywood, through the carpet (off-cuts from Home Depot about 6 dollars, rubber backed) and into the wood.

The bedroom, a cardboard box courtesy of a delivery to his work, perfect with no printed labeling on it at all, along with a faux sheepskin rug and an old towel for comfort padding.

In total, Rob says they spent about $160 – $180, and it was the best fun he’s had in ages. The time it took was two solid days, plus a couple of extra evenings. The most expensive component was the rubber floor matting.

Thanks for sharing your pictures and rabbit condo building tips, Rob. We hope Lara (and possibly her companion to-be) will enjoy her posh new home.

Click on the thumbnails to see the photos at full size.

condo1.JPG tunnel-into-bedroom.JPG view-down.JPG view-down2.JPG bedroom.jpg themasterbedroom.jpg lara.jpg



Comment from rose
Time: May 16, 2008, 2:18 pm

My bunny, Becky is getting a new friend next week. I love your idea and this seems the perfect way to give thm the space they need. We’re going shopping this afternoon

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